Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wear your economics on your sleeve... actually your chest.

I know, it can be difficult to get a conversation going about macroeconmic policy. You don't see many people walking up to an attractive stranger at a bar and saying "So, are you a Keynesian or a supply sider?" When you do see people starting off with that question at a bar they almost always leave the bar alone. Let me see if I can give all of you policy wonks a way of saying what you feel without the need to open your mouth, cause sometimes the subtle approach works better.

 To this end I have created a few t-shirts which will announce to the world you place on the economic ladder and your feelings about how the economy is being run without ever having to say a word. I decided to not do any designs which promoted the right wing/supply side way of looking at the world because there are already tons of camouflage shirts emblazoned with American flags and slogans with no basis in fact. But for us left leaning folk who take the time to actually do a bit of reading and know that the economy as a whole can't be compared to the finances of a married couple with 2 kids and a pet goldfish, well the fashion market is kind of limited. Since there might be a demand, I present my supply.

currency shirt
This shirt explains where you are at financially, being that we live in a global market today it explains it in a universally understandable way.

Middle class shirt
With this sexy little number you can show that you have moved up in the world and are no longer completely broke. You just feel like you are completely broke. Those at the top of the financial ladder will tell you that this is because you haven't worked hard enough to take the really big bucks from the government that they deserve because they create jobs.
Jobs shirt
Of course those hard working folks getting tons of subsidies and tax credits aren't actually what creates jobs, demand creates jobs so it seems like the government would want to help out those people at the local grocery or discount store as much as they help out the fat cats. Of course they don't want to help out poor and middle class folk because the wealthy among us have this idea that we don't deserve any better than what we have even though it was our money that paid for what they have. This shirt will help remind them of the facts.
Trickle down shirt
This one just sums it all up. We have been getting trickled on for far too long.

So there you go, click on a link and get you a shirt. You can pick the color of the text, the color of the shirt, and select any one of several styles of shirt. Then go out and wear it proudly cause I want to make changing the world as easy as changing your shirt.