Friday, October 15, 2010

Christine O'Donnell is a Marxist?

In a recent debate with her opponent, Chris Coons for the Delaware Senate seat once held by Vice President Biden, Christine O'Donnell accused Mr. Coons of supporting tenets of Marxism like raising taxes and bigger government. Of course Ms. O'Donnell is a supporter of reducing taxes and smaller government. This brings up an interesting question.

You see Marxist ideology teaches that a revolution will lead, in the end, to a stateless society, in other words governments will go away as there will be no need for them as all they currently exist to do is, directly or indirectly, protect private property. Under Marxism there is no private property and therefore no need for government. So under Marxism there would be a great reduction in taxes, down to zero, and a huge reduction in the size of government, down to non-existent. No taxes, no government, sounds like Christine O'Donnell's perfect world.

Christine O'Donnell supports lowering taxes and reducing the size of government, both tenets of Marxism. She has recently stated in a TV ad that she isn't a witch, can we now assume that she is a Marxist?